Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sexy work time?

i feel like many women do not know how to dress appropriately anymore. they think that any kind of skirt is okay for the office and any dress is good enough for a wedding. and don't even get me started on funerals!

the other day i went to an insurance brokerage. the female agent met me sitting down, so clothing wise, all i saw was her black blazer with a filmy blouse underneath. then, when she walked me to the door, i saw the rest of her outfit: a short skirt with platform heels. her "pencil skirt" was way above the knee, slightly higher than mid-thigh. and her open-toe stilettos were at least 5 inches high. this is not appropriate for any office. ...unless you're a porn star playing a sexcretary.

a couple weeks before that i went to a funeral. one girl was wearing chucks, blue jeans, and a light grey ucla hoodie. the granddaughter of the woman whom the funeral was for was wearing flip flops, way baggy black pants, a green spaghetti strap tank, and a lacy white shirt as a cover-up. at least her flip flops were black.

wth is wrong with these people? the clothing you wear is not only a reflection of you, but also of your environment and the situation you're in. you don't have to be sexy all the time, you know.

maybe it's our culture now. all the "professional women" on non-actual-reality tv are in stilettos, even the cops. and nearly everyone shows cleavage, even the teachers. on bananarepublic.com right now, of their 20 pencil skirts, only 3 of those hit the model's knees. and of j. crew's wear to work dresses, only 1 of 6 has sleeves, and all of them are above the knee. (and yes, i know models are really tall and have long legs, so skirts will be longer on a normal person. but lots of people look to these photos for real-world inspiration.)

i understand that some offices have less strict dress codes. but i think it's always best to err on the side of conservative. and work clothing aside, you shouldn't dress any which way you like for social events either. be mindful of the situation. that dress you wear to pick up guys at clubs? not good for a wedding! those sweats you wear to the gym? don't wear it to a funeral, even if it is black!

i feel like the adjective most females strive for these days is "sexy." and i think many younger women don't recognize a difference between sexy with slutty. but there is a difference. a big one. and furthermore what's wrong with being pretty, sophisticated, cute, beautiful, or elegant?


Angeline said...

I totally know what you mean! This frustrates me to no end. Even as a young professional, I cringe when I see how short even the "work skirts" are at retailers.

LPC said...

Couldn't agree more. My generation worked really hard guys, don't set us back. Please?

step said...

oh man, rip and i went to another insurance agency last week and one of the women working there was wearing a very short stretchy SEQUINED skirt. with strappy platforms shoes, of course. :(